Feel Confident with Our Perfect Fit Lace Bralettes in Malaysia (Shop the Trendiest Bralettes Now)

Young, wild and free - who wouldn’t want this, right? Imagine embracing that feeling in and out, and all it takes is a lace bralette! From sensuality to elegance, not forgetting support and comfort, our lace bralette collection in Malaysia offers a little bit of everything for all the ladies out there.

Despite the old narrative, lace bralette is equally supportive although they seem unstructured compared to other bras. Our dainty lace bralette collection in Malaysia has proven to evolve catering to various needs and sizes.

Let’s take a glimpse of Celessa’s lace bralette collection that’s got all the ladies dazzled!

Why Choose Lace Bralette in Malaysia?

Flaunt All Sizes with Softness
Many can relate when we say this - finding the perfect bra that fits your bust does not necessarily give you all the comfort that you deserve. Whether you’re small-chested or at an extra large size, experiencing softness against your skin isn’t something you should compromise.

From our collection of lace bralettes here in Malaysia, Belle Serien and Belle Epoque are perfectly suitable for ladies who have smaller chests. These V-cut, triangled cups that provide full coverage and are lightly lined with padding, are so breathable that you literally can just go to sleep wearing them, without a feel of having them on you.

Lift Those Tatas Naturally
Support is all that women need in life - and this includes your bosom too. But we all get it, push-up bras are considered old school and keeping it simple and natural is the way we prefer to go now. Since your day starts with this piece of clothing, ensuring that it rocks through your day is a pretty important aspect.

Especially for daily wear regardless if it is just grocery shopping or an important client meeting, our Venus Premium Lace Bralette provides the support and comfort you need to get through the day.

Style All the Way Confidently
One of the best things about lace bralette is that it gives you an opportunity to explore your sense of style in multiple ways. With various options to choose from the side width, the strap thickness, and the lace patterns, you get to wear different styles of clothing that can go along with these lace bralettes from our collection in Malaysia.

For a night out with your girls, you can wear a see-through top or dress over your bralette, or a blazer just to compliment your look in our Seine and Eva lace bralettes. If you’re having a date night, a sensual Annecy lace bralette set in our collection would be just the right fit to keep the night going.

Exude Your Sensual Side Playfully
We all can agree - our innerwear is something we choose intimately as it reflects our inner self when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Hence, tapping into our playful side while we are getting ready for our day starts from the first piece of cloth we put on. A lace bralette gives not only the touch of femininity but also a sense of playfulness, almost a way for us to feel flirtatious with ourselves before we bring our energy towards the world for the day.

Imagine starting your day with our Mermaid wireless lace bralette that gives you enough coverage to avoid side spills, comes with see-through floral laces that are foxy and elegant, a sexy cut-out design in the middle and a plunging neckline, and as you see yourself in them, you just know you got the whole day conquered already. Now that’s the way to start a day, don’t you reckon?

The lace bralette collection in Malaysia from Celessa promises premium quality products that allow you to flatter yourself in ways you are comfortable and confident about. For us, every woman deserves to kickstart her vibe with just the right innerwear.

Style, comfort, coverage, you name it, we got you with Celessa's Lace Bralette collection in Malaysia. Experience timeless beauty complimenting your personality whenever you need it today!